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The Story of Boeing DVD

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This Story of Boeing DVD describes the history of the iconic air craft manufacturer. Developing aircraft requires huge expenditure. One company has on a number of occasions bet more than its entire net worth . The company was Boeing and its gambles have paid off making it an aviation giant. In 1952 Boeing developed a prototype transport plane. They invested 15 million dollars, which well exceeded the company's net worth - if the plane failed - it would have sunk the Company. The prototype was to become one of the greatest planes of the century - The Boeing707.

During the early 1960's the US Air Force, asked for tendersto build and supply a large transporter. It was believed that Boeing has the edge over its competitors, Lockheed and Douglas. However, in 1965 the US Air Force announced Lockheed had won the bid with their C5- Galaxy. Boeings misfortune,at losing the contract, became the factor that assisted the creation of the 747Jumbo. The technology Boeing used to build the Jumbo planes was accumulated over many years - mainly from building bombers for the US Air Force during thewar years, one example is the B-29.

Running Time 60 mins (approx)


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